Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Reflects on Success, Event

Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s President, Kevin, reflected on the success the company has achieved in 2016 and remarked on an upcoming conference that will be attended by several team members.

“It’s been an incredible year for Next Generation Marketing, Inc.” enthused Kevin, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s President. “Our goals for 2017 are to continue our efforts toward expansion and partner with even more exciting brands.”

Kevin also highlighted the company’s success as exemplified by Samantha W. in 2016. “Samantha has absolutely shown the most personal growth out of anyone on our team this year,” reflected Kevin. “She has never hesitated to dedicate her time and energy to reaching higher. She’s made it a priority to learn all she can about our industry and the brands we partner with, and she has a competitive, collaborative attitude that has taken her far.”

Giving associates all they need to grow as people and professionals is high on the list for 2017. “We want to give every person at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. as many opportunities as possible to hone their skills and expand their network,” said Kevin. “This means that we want to interact with people from other businesses like ours as much as possible. Not only does this benefit us as a company, it benefits each of our team members and helps them develop into leaders at high speeds.”

Why Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Attends Conferences as a Team

“We travel as a team to conferences and other industry events because offering those chances to network with business professionals gives our people a huge leg up in their careers,” pointed out Kevin. “They are also great for bonding with more experienced associates in our organization who act as mentors for new team members.”

Kevin credits their coaching and training program for the accelerated pace with which most of their team members become effective leaders. “We shorten our development loop – the time it takes to make mistakes and learn from them – by allowing our team members access to more seasoned associates who have been there before. By acting as mentors, they share their vast stores of knowledge and help us all improve.”

Kevin, along with the rest of the team at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., is looking forward to a successful 2017. “We want to focus on achieving more for ourselves and for our brands, and with our training program and networks in place, we know we’ll exceed expectations.”

About Next Generation Marketing, Inc

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is a leading provider of futuristic marketing solutions. Each precise strategy results in an outreach program positioned to lift brands to higher market visibility. The firm’s well-trained branding specialists excel at building powerful, lasting connections with consumers. This means brands can expect long-term customers and lasting legacies. Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s scalable model is easily customized to serve any size business. For this reason, the team successfully promotes both Fortune 500 giants and small start-ups with ease. Learn more about their methods and what they’ve achieved at

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