Next-Generation Global Payments Disruptor Liquineq Receives Substantial Investment From Blockchain VC Firm blufolio AG

​​​​​​​​Liquineq AG, a global payments immutable Distributed Ledger Technology (iDLT) platform start-up based in Zug, Switzerland, has announced that it has received an undisclosed substantial investment from blufolio AG, a Swiss blockchain investment firm      and manager of the Luxembourg-registered blufolio venture capital fund.

Liquineq AG has deployed a new immutable Distributed Ledger Technology (iDLT) global payments platform that enables real-time, fully transparent and regulatory-compliant payment transactions at substantially lower costs than existing platforms.

“Liquineq has built a platform of the future for critical banking products and processes,” said Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner of Fifth Era and an advisor at Warburg Pincus and Liquineq. “Banks want an accelerated, secure, low transaction cost, regulatory compliant and immutable distributed ledger platform that they can use on their own behalf in the global remittance market,” he said, adding, “Liquineq has already created this solution and is in the latter stages of market rollout.”

Liquineq’s infrastructure as a service model enables joint venture partners and third-party brands to capture lucrative new segments of the global payments market. Liquineq has a Global Payments Platform with Local Compliance.

“Liquineq provides a platform to licensed local partners of its network, and delivers a global and local regulation-compliant, lightning-fast, end to end solution. Key are Liquineq’s revolutionary, patent-pending iDLT Gateway Technology in delivering this multi-level, multi-asset and multi-segment solution. Further, Liquineq’s Gateway Technology brings financial and regulatory security to our partners,” said Dan Kikinis, Liquineq’s Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Science Officer.

“We are delighted to support the growth of Liquineq, which is targeting a clear gap in the market for global remittances,” said Balazs Klemm, blufolio AG founding partner. “We see a wealth of opportunities for Liquineq’s top-drawer management team to leverage its offering via partnerships in emerging markets and look forward to accompanying them on their growth path,” he added.


LIquineq AG is a Swiss-based provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) featuring Liquineq’s immutable Distributed Ledger Technology platform and proprietary gateway, protected by a portfolio of patents. For more information, please visit

ABOUT blufolio AG:

blufolio AG is a Geneva-based investment and advisory firm focused on the blockchain and digital asset industries. We invest in the most promising blockchain-related start-ups in Switzerland and Europe, via a Luxembourg private fund structure. blufolio aims to bridge this exciting emerging space with the institutional community, blending a core team of experienced investment professionals, an extensive global network of advisors and an institutional investment process. The blufolio AG founding partners are James Dougall, Mark Browne and Balazs Klemm​.

Source: Liquineq AG