Next Generation Enterprises Represents at Leadership Event

The Next Generation Enterprises organization recently attended a leadership conference, where they had the chance to learn from and connect with industry experts from across the country and put company travel tips to use.

Supporting the movement for healthier communities across the country is too big a job for any group, even one as ambitious as Next Generation Enterprises, according to Justin, the firm’s President. Knowing this, Justin looks for chances to get his crew around others in the peer-to-peer marketing industry, such as the weekend leadership conference from which he and his team recently returned.

Justin understands that the support, encouragement, and insight a person receives from a thriving professional network is priceless, so he looks for chances to get his team around other rising stars in the industry. It’s great to link arms with event managers in different areas and discuss what’s working in their various markets, Justin stated, learning from their successes and then applying those lessons to campaigns back home.

The chance to build stronger relationships with Next Generation Enterprises colleagues was a benefit of the conference. The travel time back and forth to the event, along with the memories created during the weekend, serve to strengthen camaraderie and communication channels in the office. Friendships often grow during business trips like this as well, Justin affirmed, since team members get a chance to look past professional roles and responsibilities while away from work.

Trip Tips That Make Next Generation Enterprises Travel Opportunities More Relaxing

Travel occurs frequently enough at Next Generation Enterprises that Justin and his leaders have put together some guidelines that make business trips more relaxed. One of the most important is to draw a balance between stepping out of one’s comfort zone while still maintaining a sense of routine. For example, even when traveling to a weekend event, Justin recommends sticking to a workout schedule. This small sense of normalcy keeps people grounded no matter how far away from home they travel, while making it easier to jump back into a routine once the trip is over.

Another tip is to sleep whenever possible. Schedules are usually tight on any business trip, but proper rest keeps a person at the top of their game. If a full eight hours a night is too hard to pull off, Justin recommends finding time for quick 15- to 20-minute power naps during downtimes. These and other strategies helped make the company’s recent weekend conference a great success.

About Next Generation Enterprises:
Next Generation Enterprises gives real-world presence to social change leaders. The firm’s team members create one-to-one campaigns that raise awareness and funds for ethical agencies. Doing so gets mission-driven causes noticed by likeminded people. The passion and energy they generate are contagious. They quickly capture attention and create impact. The company’s social change solutions lead the way for a better tomorrow on a more vibrant planet. Every promotion guides the movement for good into new markets. Learn more about the firm’s vision at

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