Next-Gen High-Resolution Sound Personalization for All Devices – Introducing ARIA by Altitude

ARIA by Altitude: Revolutionizing Sound Personalization with High-Resolution Hearing Refinement Technology for All Devices


Altitude Auditory Innovations announces the groundbreaking introduction of ARIA, a new approach in sound personalization leveraging advanced hearing refinement technology. Today's launch of ARIA's limited-time Prerelease grants early access to this innovative technology with Altitude's internal ARIA development software on Mac and Windows as a standalone application or as AUv3, and VST3 plugins.

Jeffrey Jaskunas, CEO of Altitude Auditory Innovations, speaks about this milestone: "Our hearing experience and age-related changes are as different as we are, which is why we see sound personalization as the next frontier in audio innovation. ARIA’s design will meet the demands of the most discerning audio enthusiasts, propelling personalized audio beyond its current scope."

Mr. Jaskunas explained Altitude Auditory Innovations' strategic direction: "By separating ARIA from hardware dependency, we aim to make hearing solutions more accessible and enable personalized listening across all devices and in diverse listening environments." This innovative approach departs from the trends set by companies like Denon, Sennheiser, and Focal, which integrate sound personalization through Digital Signal Processing in hearables.

Call to Action:

Experience High-Resolution Sound Personalization with ARIA – for free. Ahead of our AXPONA 2024 launch, including Altitude’s HD Hearing Test and ARIA Reference Edition, start your journey towards personalized audio today. Download ARIA and be part of the revolution. Visit https://Altitude.Audio for exclusive early access.

Quote from a User: 

"Before ARIA, my hearing was fine, and my music was perfect. But now, without ARIA, it sounds off — as if I’m listening underwater. There's no going back. If I can’t listen with ARIA, I don’t listen at all."

ARIA is Lossless and High-Resolution Sound Personalization software for macOS & Windows, aiming to enhance the listening experience for music enthusiasts by calibrating audio on all listening devices to your unique hearing profile. Compatible with any audio source and device, ARIA functions independently of hardware constraints. ARIA Prerelease features 12 Altitude Auditory Innovations Characteristic Hearing Profiles developed using the company's Calibrated, HD Hearing Test, mapping hearing with nine times the resolution of leading tests.

Technical Specifications:

  • Device Compatibility: Apple Silicon devices with an M1 or newer CPU; Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon W (2013 and up), x64 compatible Intel or AMD CPUs.
  • Operating Systems Supported: macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11.
  • Sample Rates: Supports 44.1 kHz to 768 kHz.
  • Audio Routing: Requires a virtual audio device in streaming implementations.

Multimedia Links:

Watch ARIA’s 30-second intro on YouTube to hear its transformative power:

Upcoming Events and Future Plans: 

Join us at AXPONA 2024 for the debut of ARIA Reference Edition, driven purely by user HD test results. ARIA Reference Edition will replace ARIA Prerelease, offering a more personalized listening experience.

About Altitude Auditory Innovations: 

Founded in 2022, Altitude Auditory Innovations specializes in software-based auditory solutions that adapt audio across all listening devices to match your unique hearing profile. The company is dedicated to barrier-free hearing, offering High-Resolution Sound Personalization software that operates independently of hardware restrictions. This innovation is made possible by Altitude’s HD Hearing Test. It is the only solution that measures full-spectrum hearing profiles. For more information, contact the Altitude team at Contact@Altitude.Audio and review the company website at https://Altitude.Audio.


Source: Altitude Auditory Innovations LLC

About Altitude Auditory Innovations

Altitude Auditory Innovations specializes in software-based auditory solutions that personalize audio across all listening devices to match your unique hearing profile. High-Resolution Sound Personalization is enabled by Altitude's HD Hearing Test.

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