Nexstar Network® Embraces Ecommerce

Contractor Commerce™ Helps Nexstar Members Embrace the Future

Contractor Commerce & Nexstar Partnership

Contractor Commerce™—the industry leader in ecommerce for contractors—and Nexstar Network®—a member-based organization focused on contractor business growth—have entered into a strategic relationship to support and equip Nexstar members with the ecommerce tools and technology required to serve customers online.

With Contractor Commerce's help, Nexstar will educate their members on how to increase value and grow their business by demonstrating how easy it is to implement and use plug-and-play online store technology. Consumers shop for virtually everything online, but until now, homeowners have not been able to purchase HVAC and plumbing services online. The Contractor Commerce platform allows consumers to purchase furnace filters, maintenance agreements, and even fully installed HVAC and plumbing systems through their favorite Nexstar member's website. They can shop with ease and feel confident in the products and services offered by the expert contractor they know and trust.

"Partnering with Contractor Commerce is a natural fit for us and supports our mission towards member success through employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability. We are proud to be a part of this exciting ecommerce transformation in the HVAC and plumbing industry."

--Julian Scadden, President & CEO, Nexstar Network

Contractor Commerce launched in 2018. Its founder, Will Housh, who worked previously as an HVAC contractor, understood the potential and promise of ecommerce for service contractors. Today, as Nexstar's only recommended ecommerce partner, Contractor Commerce is helping hundreds of contractors implement easy-to-install online stores directly on their company websites.

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Contractor Commerce Media Contact: Paul Redman, VP of Sales, 513-599-1139

Nexstar Network Media Contact: Sara Garry, Marketing Manager, 612-812-4501

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