Nexdata Speech Data Solutions Takes Center Stage at INTERSPEECH 2023

Nexdata, the world's leading AI data service provider and innovator, is poised to make a substantial impact at INTERSPEECH 2023 with an extensive array of off-the-shelf datasets and flexible data collection and annotation services.

Nexdata's Booth at Interspeech 2023

As the world's largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing, Nexdata leverages the power of AI and delivers high-quality data solutions to clients in various industries. Central to Nexdata's participation in INTERSPEECH 2023 is a data sponsorship campaign to better grasp diverse data requirements at different stages of speech technologies. This initiative aims to achieve high performance of multi-language and multi-channel. 

The company owns copyright speech datasets over 200,000 hours in 100+ languages, recorded by professional equipment, covering diversified scenes, which improves the performance of customers' ASR&NLP and TTS technology. Nexdata provides customized data solutions by using mature data processing platforms and tools to satisfy customers' requirements. 

Besides, based on massive TTS project implementation experience, professional recording software and hardware environment, and numerous voice sample resources, Nexdata provides high-quality, multi-scenario, multi-category TTS data solutions. 

In addition to the data sponsorship initiative, Nexdata's competencies extend into the sphere of pre-recognition and annotation. Leveraging AI, Nexdata's built-in automatic data processing, machine quality inspection, and other functions elevate efficiency and precision across an array of on-demand data annotation services.

Visit Nexdata's INTERSPEECH 2023 Booth A06 to delve deeper into the data sponsorship campaign, high-quality datasets, and the automatic data processing capabilities in the domain of speech technology. Seizing the opportunity to multi-scene data solutions in shaping the future of speech recognition and language processing, and achieving better performance is Nexdata's priority.

About Nexdata
Nexdata provides top-notch training data solutions and serves as your reliable partner. With an extensive array of off-the-shelf datasets and flexible data collection and annotation services, their mission revolves around unleashing AI's full potential and expediting the AI industry's growth.

Nexdata firmly believes in the transformative power of AI. At Nexdata, they deliver high-quality data solutions to clients in various industries, including automotive, retail, finance, high-tech, and others, allowing customers' AI initiatives to thrive and benefit humanity. 

Source: Nexdata