Newsweek Media Group Launches Newsweek Travel

Brings Global Sights and Insights to Travelers Interested in Exploring the Stories That Shape Our World

Newsweek Media Group, the family of digital-first media brands that start and shape global conversations that matter (“Company”), today announced the launch of Newsweek Travel, featuring 15 unique land and sight-based excursions and special events, visiting 13 countries and 4 continents in 2018 for travelers to experience time and place in an entirely new and inspiring way. Newsweek Travel takes travelers beyond the sights, introducing them to the flavor of the people, the history, the challenges and the inside story of the places where news is being made through the insightful perspective that only Newsweek can deliver. In conjunction with the launch, Newsweek is also unveiling a new travel vertical on, where its growing global readership can discover more about the places where news is being made, and learn about the people shaping our world.

With curated content from Newsweek, led by a Newsweek journalist and dedicated subject matter expert, Newsweek travelers will be able to better understand the stories that are shaping the world around them. The luxury tours will include airfare, accommodations, meals, excursions and unique visits to a broad range of captivating sites and landmarks. In addition, each Newsweek Travel excursion will be accompanied by a Newsweek editor or journalist, who will offer opening insights to add color and context to the travel experience. Tours will also include two insightful 45-minute lectures provided by relevant experts and scholars and capped off with an in-depth insider Q&A session with the editor/journalist to round out the journey.

Newsweek Travel is a unique opportunity to experience the world through Newsweek's award-winning journalistic lens,” said Dev Pragad, Chief Executive Officer of Newsweek Media Group.For over 80 years Newsweek has provided high-quality journalism and sharp analysis with an international outlook. Now our reporters, editors and photographers will be sharing their knowledge and connections with travelers interested in experiencing some of the world’s most vibrant and significant travel destinations in ways that take them beyond the sights. We’re excited about these new experiences only Newsweek can offer and hope you’ll join us as we explore, together, our rapidly changing world.”

More about Newsweek Travel
Newsweek Travel tours will be managed by Arrangements Abroad, a leader in educational travel since 1977. In addition to featuring Newsweek editors and journalists, Arrangements Abroad will draw upon its rich resources of professors, diplomats, museum directors, and other experts, to create custom-designed, intellectually engaging, and logistically elegant journeys around the globe, to share unexpected adventures and one-of-a-kind experiences for the Newsweek traveler.

Currently, Newsweek Travel offers the following unforgettable journeys:
·       Dec 27, 2017-Jan 7, 2018 – Egypt & The Nile: A Journey Into Antiquity
·       Feb 6-11, 2018 – Mexico City: From the Zocalo to Zona Maco
·       March 3-10, 2018 – Cuba: Face to Face
·       April 4-9, 2018 – Britain: In the Age of Brexit
·       April 16-24, 2018 – DOURO: The Enchanting River
·       May 2-7, 2018 – Washington DC: The World’s Political Stage
·       June 2-12, 2018 – Russia: The Waterways of the Tsars
·       July 10-21, 2018 – Copenhagen/Edinburgh: The Wake of the Vikings
·       Aug 20-25, 2018 – Seattle: Innovation, USA
·       Aug 30-Sep 13, 2018 – China: And Its Political Landscape
·       Sept 28-Oct 6, 2018 – Holland & Belgium: By Barge
·       Oct 1-8, 2018 – Ireland: North & South
·       Oct 7-17, 2018 – Jerusalem: And the Holy Land
·       Oct 13-20, 2018 – Cuba: Culture & Insights
·       October 2018 – Poland: An Inside Look Post-Communism

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