Newsology Reponds to User Request - Launches Section for Trending News by Industry by Region

Update helps professionals to stay informed by showing popular news in their locality related to their industry and profession.


Newsology, the news app for professionals, introduced a new section to its app: local industry news. When users join Newsology, they have the option of stating their location and their industry. Users are kept up-to-date about their stated industry and other interests.

The COVID-19 virus has changed many local industries and users wanted a way to stay informed about their industry closer to their location. For example, realtors in California wanted to know the latest news trending amongst realtors in California, rather than realtors in general.

Newsology responded to the user request by adding a new section that shows what is trending amongst professionals in an industry in the location of the user. So for example, user’s will now see sections like:

  • Popular with members in the Real Estate Industry in California
  • Popular with members in the Oil & Energy Industry in Texas
  • Popular with members in the Accounting Industry in New York

If no news is trending amongst that user population, then that section is not shown.

When users join Newsology, they can use their LinkedIn login, or they can simply state their industry and location. This gives enough information to the Artificial Intelligence engine to start recommending content.

Newsology analyzes over 100,000 articles daily from over 40,000 trusted publishers and uses complex Natural Language Processing to understand what the article is writing about. Professionals around the world consume news articles related to their industry. Content that is popular with peers would get a higher ranking. This helps users stay informed about their industry.

Newsology added a new section that takes the industry updates a step further by analyzing what is popular not only within an industry but also what is popular within a location.

To get content into Newsology, publishers have to ensure they have an RSS feed. They can then get in touch with Newsology and send the link of their feed. Newsology believes that local journalism is an important part of news consumption.

About Newsology

Newsology is the news app for professionals. Newsology is based in Los Angeles, California. Users are shown news related to their industry and their interests. There are over 150 industries for users to join. Users can also follow more than 20,000 interests. The news app is free to download on any app store

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About Newsology

Newsology uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend content to professionals. Newsology tracks which content is popular with individuals in various industries and recommends content.

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