News Release - Savance Health Partners With Elo Touch Solutions

Savance Health is proud to announce a partnership with Elo Touch Systems. The partnership of Savance Health and Elo Touch Systems will help you improve the quality of healthcare offered.

Savance Health is proud to announce a partnership with Elo Touch Systems. Savance Health is taking the next step in providing unequaled touch screen technology to enhance our healthcare software systems. We feel this will be an unbeatable team, offering an unprecedented modernization of registration, communications, data tracking, and asset management for healthcare facilities to date.

Elo Touch Systems' products will work seamlessly with Savance Health software to make health care services easier, more efficient, and less costly. Modelled after mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Savance Health's touch screen technology is designed so that anyone can use it, even those with little to no technology experience. Savance Health customizes the software to compliment all client needs, whether it be a large, multi-building facility, or a small doctor's office.
Improving patient care, increasing satisfaction rates, and reducing healthcare costs are the target goals of all healthcare professionals. Savance Health and Elo Touch Systems are committed to help you meet and exceed these goals. As part of that commitment, Savance Health is pleased to offer the new Elo VuPoint touch screen, which will be the primary platform for our innovative Bedside Butler patient in-room infotainment solution. It's the latest advancement in improving the experience of your patients.

Simple and Attractive
Touch screen technology is simple to use and Savance Health software keeps it that way. There are no complicated tasks for the patients and staff to perform. It's straightforward technology at its best. Elo Touch Systems offer an attractive design that you'll be proud to display at bedside, in any office, or in your waiting room. They are compact and can be swing arm-mounted, wall-mounted, or staged on a floor display. It's an unbeatable combination that will allow your patient satisfaction rates to soar.

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