News Platform Dedicated to Uncovering the Whole Truth brings unbiased and true news in multiple languages straight to you.

A unique independent tool that will allow users from all over the world to participate in discovering and uncovering unbiased news. is a one stop-shop for global news that is not controlled by mainstream media and does not let language become a barrier. To help get this project off the ground, is running a campaign on to raise $45,000 giving users and readers the chance to be involved in something amazing from the developing stages. Money raised will go towards the technologies and expertise needed to develop to its full potential.

Users can debate and shape alternative viewpoints in their own native language, creating beneficial discussion on many key topics. The key concept for this truth centered media outlet is that something does not emerge from nothing, meaning that important news that is often overlooked by the mainstream media will have a place to get noticed. You no longer have to search under rocks for significant news that is relevant to individual interests. Providing cyber-journalists, user-reporters and readers with the tools to determine what is real and what is worthy of attention; with no hidden agendas, unlike many other news outlets.

Supporting couldn’t be easier; simply visit the crowdfunding campaign on and choose how much you would like to donate to back this project and backers will get a gift of gratitude in return.

Key points about

•  Provider-Generated Content (PGC) from 500 news sources from around the globe.

•  User-Generated Content (UGC) - users can share on-scene materials and create their own articles using convenient toolset.

•  20 key areas of interest covered.

•  Aggregation and evaluation of responses to news across social networks.

•  Filtering system providing relevant news per topic.

•  Anti-Troll system.

•  Multi-devise interface. was founded by Slava Vlasov with nine team members.

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