NEWRACOM & BeatCraft, Gearing Up Smart Agriculture Applications Using HaLow™ Solution

The two companies deployed and showcased 802.11ah-enabled IoT solution at EXPO COMM Wireless Japan 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

802.11ah Embedded Module on Raspberry Pi 3

NEWRACOM, a provider of IoT-enabled Wi-Fi SoC and BeatCraft, IoT solutions provider of integrated hardware, software and cloud connection today jointly announced to make partnership to gear up the deployment of various intelligent agriculture applications by using an IoT solution based on IEEE 802.11ah standard.

Pointing to the increased interest in outdoor long-range connectivity technology for Smart Agriculture, NEWRACOM and BeatCraft are seeing a dramatic increase in demand, especially from the livestock monitoring industry. Feeding and taking care of livestock such as cows, sheep, and poultry is an essential task for farmers. Attaching IoT sensors to livestock using collar tags will allow location tracking and help monitor livestock by keeping track of physical activities.

In order to provide this revolutionized and efficient farming techniques, NEWRACOM provides the world's first 802.11ah Wi-Fi SoC, named as NRC7292, and Wi-Fi SOC module, named as NRM7292M to BeatCraft, which will deploy an 802.11ah embedded module on the latest Raspberry Pi 3 compatible I/O connector for rapid prototyping and testing of wireless devices. BeatCraft’s module is a complete hardware and software platform for creating or evaluating wireless sensors, controllers, and actuators based on the NEWRACOM’s Wi-Fi module. It also provides software development tool, so it enables users to develop and operate the customized software which can be best fitted with each use case in smart agriculture.

A member of the 802.11ah Promotion Council, formed in Japan in November 2018, BeatCraft will be exhibiting this IoT solution at EXPO COMM Wireless Japan 2019, #613, at International Trade Fair in Tokyo, Japan, May 29-31, 2019.

“With HaLow’s benefit of long-range coverage and higher data rate, BeatCraft and NEWRACOM are leading the agriculture technology revolution,” said Dr. Sok Kyu Lee, CEO at NEWRACOM. “Smart farming using HaLow will promote farming practices that would improve profitability for farmers, private entities and even human life.”

“We are a pioneer to introduce world’s first 11ah solution in the smart agriculture industry,” said Dr. Masashi Takemoto, CEO at BeatCraft. “Our HaLow solution will be momentum to accelerate the emergence of various use cases such as field management, equipment tracking, greenhouse farming, energy and water conservation.”

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