Newport Gold Inc. Delivers Initial Payment to Eco-Orex Technologies for World-Wide Licensing Rights to Develop and Commercialize New Rock Disintegration Technology

Newport Gold Inc. (“Newport” or “the company”) (OTC PINKS: NWPG) announced today that it has delivered an initial payment of $75,000 to Eco-Orex Technologies (“Eco-Orex”), pursuant to the previously announced World-Wide Licensing Agreement (“licensing agreement” or “agreement”).

Newport in accordance with the licensing agreement has obtained global rights to develop and commercialize a transformational ore disintegration technology in partnership with Eco-Orex for use in the global mining industry.

Under the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement, Eco-Orex has applied and received a filing receipt from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent pending (Method And Apparatus For Rock Disintegration) relating to its proprietary ore disintegration technology.

Subject to the receipt of the patent pending, Newport will issue 25 million shares of common stock to Eco-Orex and will also be entitled to earn ownership rights in Eco-Orex, based on amounts paid to Eco-Orex, pursuant to terms and conditions in the agreement. In addition to the initial payment, Newport will also make periodic payments over 36 months as well as royalties on sales of product after development of a prototype and commercial machines.

Newport intends to finance and manufacture, under certain agreed upon protocols with Eco-Orex a working prototype machine for beta and field testing. In accordance with its license agreement, Eco-Orex Technologies has developed and completed a set of the project documentation (blueprints), including drawings, for a main component, the gist of a semi-industrial, mined ore disintegration unit.

Based on that documentation and by means of a 3D printing technology, a scaled down model of the component has been created to aid in presentation of process concepts. Furthermore, the Eco-Orex R&D team has respectively conducted essential computations and technological analyses asserting feasibilities of actual scaling up of the equipment along with increases in productivity, while retaining all the technological regimes in accordance with terms of the project documentation.

Derek Bartlett, President and CEO of Newport Gold commented, “At the same time, design and development on the rest of the project advances, so that upon completion, the developed documentation may get turned over to an actual equipment manufacturer”.

The ore disintegration technology utilizes Cavitation Technology, a process that allows for the disintegration and concentration of minerals in ore in one single operation. Cavitation is the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets in a flowing liquid in regions of very low pressure by means of mechanical forces. The technology is highly efficient and intends to deliver huge recovery rates of minerals; in excess of 99% and requires no large rotating equipment or grinding media. The chemical-free ore disintegration technology is expected to reduce rock crushing costs, offers portability and will deliver environmentally friendly benefits that can be uniquely custom designed for any customer on a global scale.

The common shares issued to Eco-Orex pursuant to this agreement will be subject to a hold period in accordance with applicable securities laws.

About Newport Gold Inc.
Newport Gold is an incorporated Nevada company (incorporated July 16, 2003). Originally formed for the purpose of mining exploration, but is now shifting its business, from pure exploration to focus on developing and commercializing the new mining ore disintegration technology described herein; together with Eco-Orex. The company still retains some mining exploration claims in British Columbia.

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Newport Gold Inc.
Derek Bartlett, B.Sc. (Geology)
President, CEO and Director

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