NewOrg Management System Announces Successful Implementation for East Bay Innovations

​​Non-Profit ​in Alameda County ​that supports adults with disabilities ​uses NewOrg to streamline highly complex billing and case management across multiple programs and funders​.​

Established in 1994, East Bay Innovations (EBI) is a private non-profit organization providing vital services to people with disabilities throughout Alameda County. Though EBI began as a small Supported Living agency, they now offer a variety of services supporting nearly 1,000 individuals with disabilities, helping them to live as independently as possible in their own homes, to be successfully employed, and to feel a sense of membership in their community. 

EBI receives its funding from a wide variety of sources, including from Department of Health Care Services (Medi-Cal), Alameda County, Managed Care Plans, Regional Center, Department of Rehab, and private sources. EBI’s Transitional Care/Case Management (TCCM) department was chosen to pilot NewOrg as a central solution to manage all aspects of client/service tracking while incorporating electronic billing and grant reporting, eliminating duplicate data entry, saving time, and providing better visibility into the organization’s clients, services, and revenue. Managing and tracking the authorizations, services, and reporting, minimizing administrative time and improving workflows was made easier by moving from their old systems to NewOrg.  

EBI has gone live with their TCCM program and funders, with reporting for CCT, HCBA Waiver, CalAIM, PACE, HOPWA, and Respite 60. The billing department can now generate electronic 837 files to submit all its Medi-Cal claims, including block grants and county-administered funds.  At the same time, TCCM now has reports for all their funders, allowing front line staff and case managers to more easily manage their caseloads, record services and generate notes in a single system. The system manages expense requests, authorizations, property vacancies, and referrals/wait lists. 

“The team at NewOrg came together to help us scope and implement the new database system to make tracking client supports and generating our complex billing faster.” 

-Kayla Laurin, TCCM Billing Manager

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