NewOrg Attends PowerNet 2024

Leading cloud based data platform for non profits announces new AI features and Accelerator Grant Program at conference for Jewish Human Services organizations from Canada and the United States.

NewOrg Management System, a leading online data management platform for nonprofit organizations, social services and government agencies, attended this year’s POWERNET conference hosted by the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies.

NewOrg made several important announcements at the conference:

  • NewOrg is expanding its Accelerator Grant Program, which provides funding for small agencies to implement a data management system to improve Efficiency, Transparency, and Sustainability. NewOrg will provide additional support for agencies with long term contracts with systems that no longer meet their needs.
  • NewOrg announces native support for Medicaid block grants in its electronic billing system.
  • Utilizing AI for public benefit, NewOrg is carefully developing HIPAA compliant AI powered features to save practitioners and administrators time and effort. These include:
    • AI powered voice transcription and case note summaries.
    • AI powered document translation for intake and skills matching.
    • AI powered address verification in the USA and Canada to streamline data entry and ensure accuracy.

These features will be rolled out to existing partners over the summer.

"AI technologies have great potential to improve access to services, save time, and support our partner's important missions. As with all new technologies, consideration of risk, privacy, and societal effects must be foundational to our strategy. Non Profit Human Services agencies aren't, and shouldn't be, technology risk takers. NewOrg is committed to helping drive innovative uses of AI as the technologies, legal frameworks, and use cases mature."

David Crouch, President, NewOrg Management System

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The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies stands as a collective of 170+ non-profit Jewish human service organizations spanning the United States, Canada, and Israel. The Network unites efforts to create a positive impact on the lives of nearly two million clients annually. Member organizations collectively provide a comprehensive array of human services for individuals across all age groups, both within and beyond the Jewish community.

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