Newmar Power Launches Commander II Series DC Power Systems

The Powerful Difference

Newmar Power, a Mission Critical Electronics (MCE) company and a leading manufacturer of power electronic solutions for the Network and Industrial space, announced the launch of the all-new Commander II Series DC power systems. The Commander II and II+ are the next generation of robust power plants for the wireless, telecom, and public safety industries, offering top of the line power and reliable performance while providing complete customization when it comes to functionality, scale, and management.

Ensuring sites have consistent power is crucial for maintaining successful operation. The Commander II Series of DC power systems delivers next-generation microcontroller-based technology that provides the support and performance needed when normal operations fail and in the most demanding applications.

The Commander II offers a 6 RU DC system with up to 12 -48V rectifiers, supporting high-power applications. For DC power users who require a high-performance ­48V rack mount 7 RU system with built-in 12V and 24V options, the Commander II+ delivers flexibility for a wide range of high-power applications in a single compact chassis with up to 8 -48V rectifiers. This system offers hot-swappable modules for quick and easy deployment, minimizing installation time and maximizing uptime, and comes with a one-year warranty.

Commander II's new generation integrated web Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables a full system setup as well as remote troubleshooting and monitoring of key activities including power source, battery and load status, and more. The system can be entirely tailored to fit individual needs, providing a completely customizable management tool that delivers real-time control and data at your fingertips.

"With more than 50 years in the Network and Industrial market, Newmar understands what it takes to ensure our customers have reliable power and performance when and where they need it," said Mark Kroh, President of the Network and Industrial Division at MCE. "The Commander II and II+ offer The Powerful Difference, providing not only a dependable solution you know will support your deployment needs, but also offering added features and benefits like complete customization, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and more, which you can't get anywhere else. We see a bright future for the Commander II and II+, particularly in the current supply chain environment when we measure delivery in days and others are measuring in quarters." 

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About Newmar Power

Newmar Power has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products for over 50 years. Offering an extensive line of DC Power Products with an earned reputation of high reliability and quality, Newmar powers essential equipment in industries such as marine, telecommunications, network, land mobile, and automation IOT industries. Supplying specialized DC power components with various power and mounting configurations such as Battery Chargers, Hot Swap DC Rectifiers, Power Enclosures, DC Power Distribution, DC Power Systems, Power Monitoring, DC UPS, and DIN Rail DC Power, Newmar is the expert in engineering electronic power products and solutions. 

About Mission Critical Electronics 

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, MCE provides specialized products for critical systems in a wide variety of applications operating under the leading brands: Newmar Power, ASEA Power Systems, Kussmaul Electronics, Power Products, Purkeys, Xantrex, and American Battery Charging. These brands have been built on the strength of their team and their ability to connect with customers. MCE takes great pride in translating its customers' needs into the highest-quality products and solutions available in the markets it serves. MCE delivers those products and solutions with an unmatched level of responsiveness.

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NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products and accessories for over 50 years.

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