Newly Released 'Money, Millennials and Millionaires' Offers Easy-to-Follow Guide to Financial Success

Renowned Business Experts Vimal Vachhani and Jennifer McClung Launch New Book in Time for 2021 Resolutions

Money, Millennials and Millionaires: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on Budgeting, Saving and Crawling Out o

Following the financial repercussions of COVID-19, Money, Millennials and Millionaires: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on Budgeting, Saving and Crawling Out of Debt's release on is prime for all generations looking to 2021 with fiduciary resolutions. Written by up-and-coming financial innovator Vimal Vachhani and seasoned female executive and greatfullgrowth founder Jennifer McClung , Money, Millennials and Millionaires shares the financial educational and real-life insights, lessons and tips Vachhani and McClung have garnered over the years.

"The information we have consolidated into this book isn't about getting rich quick but more about the small steps and steady discipline needed to create a stable financial future for yourself," Vachhani said of why he and McClung partnered up to write. "This message is usually lost in the books and blogs I had read or usually ignored by the reader as it is not as 'fun' as the ideas of how to make a lot of money quickly. We wanted to demystify the idea that it is a  complex process to be financially educated and more a matter of easy and constant changes over time."

McClung also shared that Money was a personal endeavor. "For me, it was a matter of knowing the mistakes I made early on in my career and life when I came to money. I know what it felt like to be in debt and the mistakes that got me to that point. This book for me was the chance to take that life experience and help someone else avoid the pitfalls that I fell into."

Money, Millennials and Millionaires touches on a lot of key financial topics, acting as an easy-to-follow financial literary guide for any generation including:

  • Key financial issues today's generation faces
  • Varying mindsets of the Millennial generation
  • Financial terms
  • Income basics
  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Retirement, 401(K), IRA and planning for the future
  • Life insurance 
  • Investing
  • Working with a financial advisor
  • Student loans
  • Debt and credit 
  • Getting out of debt
  • Homeownership financial - rent, buy and other important financial costs and situations
  • Vampire accounts
  • Spending vs saving
  • Making smarter purchase tips

"The economics of the world are so different for professionals starting out in their careers and lives today," McClung notes. "The burden of college loans during the first 10-years of work is such a huge impact for so many and makes it even more critical to handle financial decisions well. I want more than anything to help others get off on the right foot when it comes to their finances. Having a good handle on your finances from the start can have a positive impact for the rest of your life."

Money, Millennials and Millionaires: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on Budgeting, Saving and Crawling Out of Debt is now available to purchase on either in paperback or for Kindles.

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