Newly Released Memoir 'Just the Way He Walked' Offers a Powerful Message of Enabling Alcoholic Behavior by Kathleen Pooler (2019)

Just the Way He Walked: A Mother's Story of Healing and Hope

After nearly 20 years writing her second memoir, Kathleen Pooler (Ever Faithful to His Lead, 2014) is finally speaking out as a mother about the journey of enabling her alcoholic son, now six years sober. Her powerful heartfelt message in her inspirational memoir Just the Way He Walked: A Mother's Story of Healing and Hope (Sunnyview Press, 2019) breaks the stigma of alcohol addiction and enabling alcoholic behavior while giving hope to parents and caregivers how to deal with an alcoholic child. 

Kathleen Pooler has said this of her alcoholic enabling symptoms: "I had to learn the difference between helping and enabling alcoholic behavior. I equated helping with loving but love is not the issue. Addiction is shrouded in guilt and shame. No one is left unscathed." According to Healthy Place, teenagers who start drinking before age 15 are five times more likely to develop alcohol addiction or abuse. Knowing how to let go and let the addicted walk her own path is an important part of healing and recovery.  

Author Charlene D. Jones said, "Just the Way He Walked portrays a topic so necessary and so little discussed in our times — how alcohol addiction affects everyone close to the addict, and how those members must learn to walk their own path while keeping their hearts open to the one addicted.​" Award-winning author, Dorit Sasson said, "This beautifully written memoir is an emotional page-turner, well set up at the beginning where you witness the author’s courage with newly discovered inner strength and grace that will leave you feeling inspired."

Just the Way He Walked (November 2019) is Pooler's second memoir and the sequel to her debut memoir, Ever Faithful to His Lead which chronicles her journey from family abuse to empowerment and faith. Pooler uses hope, faith, and writing to transform, heal and transcend life's obstacles and disappointments. To contact Kathleen Pooler or learn more about her books, visit her website at

Source: Kathleen Pooler