Newly Released History Book from NEB Publishing Examines Religion's Seven Biggest Liars

The World's Seven Biggest Liars, by Author Richard F. Wright, was written for those who already know that religion ruins everything and there are no such things as deities, but need help expressing their doubt.

In his latest book, The World's Seven Biggest Liars, Author Richard F. Wright examines the seven prophets responsible for the seven largest religions in the world and how organized religion ruins everything and there are no such things as deities.

According to Wright's analysis, of the seven billion people on earth only one billion are atheist; the others continue to believe in religious practices and protocols based on worship of deities that don't exist. The book is specifically directed to those who already know that organized religion is a fraud and there are no deities floating around in space, but may still have trouble expressing their doubt and need some helpful evidence of what they know instinctively.

Wright explains in the Introduction that his wife figured out the nonsense of religion very early in life, at a time when he was embracing it; but, that as time went along he came to understand as she did that the truly natural condition for humans is atheistic. Religious belief is adopted as families, communities, and habit draw infants and children into the practices and protocols of religious observance. Without any opportunity for competing opinions, children have little chance to escape the cultural and religious pressures within their homes. Atheists usually start figuring it out during their teenage years, a time when it's especially difficult to not fit in. Wright went from being a leader in the church activities to non-believer status as a secular humanist; but, it took some time to get there.

For others who have figured out that organized religion ruins everything and that there are no such things as deities, worthy of worship, the book is a road map to how seven notorious prophets have created a landscape that humankind can't seem to escape, despite the evidence of science and increasing human intellect. Ironically, the publisher who put Wright's first book into print refused to publish this book. It was "beyond our scope," which Wright interprets to mean he doesn't need the expected flack from other religious authors that he currently publishes.

The book is excerpted on Wright's website, and it's available for purchase on as a paperback or through Kindle download.

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