Newly Released Dual-Shave HeR

Dual-Shave is introducing its new product, Dual-Shave HeR!

Dual-Shave HeR

Dual-Shave is introducing its new product, Dual-Shave HeR. Dual-Shave is a newcomer in the e-commerce beauty industry. With the website recently launching, Dual-Shave now offers two products for consumers. Dual-Shave HiM and HeR are made specifically for the different genders. Women have many different beauty products to use, such as lotion, shaving cream, acne cream, and makeup remover.

With Dual-Shave HeR, women have an all-in-one product. With its unique formula, Dual-Shave is able to fight acne while removing makeup and also acts as a moisturizing shaving cream. The creator of Dual-Shave HeR discovered that developing its product with only 5 percent of benzoyl peroxide would help prevent acne and also ensure the skin would not become irritated. With its moisturizing features, women don’t have to worry about their skin drying out from ingredients used to prevent and fight acne.

The products’ features are complex but remain easy to use: just wet the skin with warm water, apply to the relevant areas and gently rinse off with warm water.

Dual-Shave has added goat milk as an ingredient in its products. Goat milk helps rejuvenate the skin, along with preventing wrinkles. Though Dual-Shave HeR has many elements in just one product, it is offered at the low price of $12.99. Dual-Shave was developed to help all people, no matter what gender or ethnicity they are. This product was made so women with all different complexions could use it without irritating results.

About Dual-Shave:

Dual-Shave operates out of Los Angeles, California, offering its products exclusively online. The products were designed to give people with sensitive skin a shaving cream that not only moisturizes the skin but also helps fight acne. The need for this product was discovered when the creator found that other shaving creams would leave razor bumps, irritate the skin and exaggerate acne.

A third-party independent laboratory test all of the Dual-Shave products to determine if they are ready for consumers to use. Testing is an important part of product development, and where many other companies perform their tests on animals, Dual-Shave is Animal Cruelty-Free certified. Dual-Shave has never performed any experiments using animals. The laboratory uses human subjects who volunteer for studies. Dual-Shave believes that no creature should be submitted to testing if they are not given a choice. If you want to learn more about Dual-Shave and its products, visit!

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