Newly Formed Money Management Team Sees New Opportunities in Global Natural Resource Markets

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Metal industry executives Michael Frawley and John E Gross joined forces to create Newgate Asset Management LLC, (Newgate) a Commodity Trading Advisory firm focused on base metals, precious metals and energy markets. 

“The nature of industrial commodity markets is providing unique opportunities for those who seek capital appreciation from diverse trends in alternative investments,” said Mike Frawley, former Vice Chairman and head of global metals at Jefferies Bache, and a past member of the London Metals Exchange board.

John Gross, a metals industry consultant, and publisher of The Copper Journal who was Vice President - Strategic Metals for the North American operations of BICC Cables Corporation, commented, “Global metal and commodity markets have changed dramatically over the past several years, necessitating a vastly different approach to market analysis and investing.”

Recognizing that trends in metal and energy markets are changing, the co-founders of Newgate believe it is timely for investors to consider managed natural resource assets in their portfolios.

The Newgate principals are extremely proud to be offering their in-depth market knowledge, skills, and experience to prospective investors.  Their trading strategy employs both proprietary systematic and discretionary elements in market selection and disciplined management of price risk exposure. 

Newgate Asset Management Limited is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with the Commodity Futures Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association.

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