Joins Forces With David Knox Real Estate Training

Highly competent real estate agents are a must!

​Last week was a very pivotal moment for the future of as a deal was inked with the David Knox Real Estate Training company. As real estate commissions around the country scrutinize the competency of real estate practitioners, sales agent accountability is top priority. felt the need to stay in the forefront with a new and exciting real estate education platform above and beyond their current brokerage in-house agent training program.

Founder and President of, Cory L. Kammerdiener, had this to say:

" prides itself with the level of knowledge and experience we expect from our REALTORS®. With the massive influx of new agents coming into our industry, it can get overwhelming at times to ensure agent competency. We are very passionate about our brand so we must protect it at all costs while also protecting the needs of our clientele. By utilizing a platform like David Knox's, we can provide various types of training for our agents 24/7 with the ability to monitor their progress. Rest assured, as the Broker-Owner of the company ...I will rest better at night!" prides itself on the level of knowledge and experience we expect from our REALTORS®.

Cory L. Kammerdiener

President has already rolled out the David Knox Real Estate Training platform just in time for the Dec. 1, 2017, new agent open recruitment season. The new training platform will not be an additional cost to real estate agents with the firm, but instead will be included in the $99 monthly agent brokerage fee. This should be very appealing to the real estate agent seeking professional career training.

For career opportunities with, please visit JOIN OUR TEAM page. Open enrollment starts Dec. 1, 2017.

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