Newest Wiedmann Original Sculpture Unveiled at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Headquarters


​Napa Valley-based sculptor Adam L. Wiedmann has unveiled his newest work, “Elysium,” created for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) new headquarters in San Jose, California.

Wiedmann worked closely with HPE’s CEO Antonio F. Neri to capture the company’s rich history and mission of today - “To advance the way we live and work.” With the company’s design focus of the new headquarters to invigorate its culture and create an innovative, collaborative and comfortable environment, Wiedmann’s sculpture sets the tone upon entering the building with his inspiration.

The piece is composed of three abstract stainless steel sculptural elements rising like flower steams from a pool of calm water. Their lines, and closed forms, are organic and delicate as they embrace one another. The elements play within the negative space and the water’s gentle reflections.

“Adam’s work brings a harmony and sense of innovation to the new headquarters,” said Neri, who took an active role in the design of the company’s new headquarters and personally commissioned the work. 'Elysium' helps remind our employees, partners and customers who pass it each day of HPE’s mission and vision for the future.”

Wiedmann Sculpture Studios has become a go-to source for corporate, public and private works. Celebrated worldwide, Wiedmann’s work can be found in many notable collections including those of former U.S. presidents, top business leaders and prominent designers. Wiedmann also exhibits in galleries and museums.

Setting himself apart from others, Adam pioneers creative contemporary abstract masterpieces by transforming stainless steel into elegant, balanced works of art. His inherent attraction to both energy and the tranquility of nature is manifested in his creative technique. With literal sparks flying, controlled destruction and vivacity sliding through his fingertips, his perfectly balanced sculptures clearly represent the true essence of his inspiration.

When outside of his studio, Wiedmann supports the arts and art education through service work. He serves on the board of directors for the Arts Council Napa Valley, teaches at-risk youth at Nimbus Arts, is a curative director for the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and serves as a juror for the City of Napa’s Art Walk. He’s a creator, father of two and believes art is a reflection of a strong community whether it’s defined by the borders of a municipality or within a corporation.

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