New YouTube Science Channel Is "Cruel"

YouTube channel Cruel Science uses blunt cold honesty

Some people are nerds. They like science and technology, watch Star Trek and read Tolkien. They also have a low tolerance for stupidity. Hence Cruel Science’s creation!

Cruel Science is the antithesis of ignorance online and YouTube specifically. It is dedicated honest, sometimes quite harsh, truth in science, history and popular culture. Each short video attempts to educate on topics like organic food, nuclear energy and vaccinating, just to name a few. Links are provided in the description for more detailed articles and references.

Humor helps saddle the harsh, no apologies approach to each video.

Cruel Science, Creator

The creator behind Cruel Science is simply tired of fad science, fake wellness concepts and idiot celebrity beliefs in regard to the environment and technology. Humor helps saddle the harsh, no apologies approach to each video. Top five lists are the most common video so far with weekly science news recaps coming soon.

If the channel takes off, more will be coming soon and suggestions are encouraged, negative or otherwise! Go to

About Cruel Science

Animals are not people, vaccinations do not cause autism and your brain uses much more than 10% of its power all the time.These, and many more, topics will be discussed in CRUEL SCIENCE.