New York State Vapor Association Responds to Landmark E-Cigarette Report Issued by NASEM

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This week, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released a congressionally mandated Consensus Study Report titled “Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes.” By analyzing available research studies, this landmark report shows the potential for e-cigarettes to deliver a positive net public health benefit.  

The New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA),  the trade association representing hundreds of vapor businesses in New York, believes keeping vapor products legal and easily accessible for adult smokers will benefit public health and this report supports that belief.  The association’s mission is to educate legislators and public policy administrators by providing valid scientific data on vapor products to ensure laws are enacted based on science, not misinformation or propaganda. This report not only provides an unbiased analysis of research to date, but puts the science in perspective, and exposes the potential consequences to public health when poor policies are enacted.

Although the committee suggests there may be some potential risks associated with e-cigarettes, they found sufficient research to suggest that, compared with combustible tobacco cigarettes, “e-cigarettes contain fewer toxicants; can deliver nicotine in a manner similar to combustible tobacco cigarettes; show significantly less biological activity in a number of in vitro, animal, and human systems; and might be useful as a cessation aid in smokers who use e-cigarettes exclusively.”

“Thus, among adult populations,” the Report states, “to the extent that e-cigarette use promotes either reduction or complete abstinence from combustible tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes may help to reduce health risks. E-cigarettes could similarly reduce risks to youth who take up e-cigarettes instead of combustible tobacco cigarettes.”

Michael Frennier, NYSVA President, stated “With the number of bills proposed in New York in the 2018 legislative session which would severely limit adult smokers’ access to vapor products, we hope the New York legislature will take a long hard look at this federal report before taking risks with New Yorkers lives.”

The full report is available here. For more information about NYSVA, visit

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