New York Passes Alyssa's Law: School Districts Look to the SaferWatch App as an Example

With the passing of Alyssa's Law, New York school districts are looking to Florida as an example to implement silent panic alarm systems, like SaferWatch App.

SaferWatch App

In the wake of mass shootings in-state and around the country, New York lawmakers are passing legislation to increase school safety measures which require silent panic alarm systems.

Alyssa's Law, enacted in honor of Alyssa Alhadeff, one of 17 victims of the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland, FL, requires public schools to consider panic systems that silently alert law enforcement in the event of a life-threatening or emergency situation.

Meeting these mandates in New York requires innovative emergency response technology and NYS school districts are looking to Florida and SaferWatch as early adopters of Alyssa's Law.

The passing of Alyssa's Law legislation was spearheaded by Broward County School Board member Lori Alhadeff whose daughter, Alyssa Alhadeff, lost her life during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre in Parkland, FL.

To add a new layer of security for students in compliance with Alyssa's Law, Broward County Public Schools announced the launch of SaferWatch App's Alyssa's Alert — a mobile app that allows school employees to immediately contact law enforcement during an emergency with the push of a button. 

Using the SaferWatch App, faculty and staff can report an active shooter, crime in progress, or a medical or fire emergency with a silent panic button directly on their phone. SaferWatch immediately notifies 911 centers, first responders, and school staff to take the appropriate actions. The SaferWatch Panic Button system can save approximately 2.5 minutes during an emergency response.

Lori Alhadeff was quoted: "Once that button is pushed, it's directly linked to law enforcement, and we're fully integrated in the 911 centers. We will always honor and remember the 17 lost on that tragic day, but now with Alyssa's Alert, we will mitigate the next tragedy."

Since Alyssa's Law passed in Florida, thousands of schools have partnered with SaferWatch to better equip their staff and students for critical situations. Geno Roefaro, CEO of SaferWatch, said the company's Mobile Panic Alert System has already helped with multiple medical emergencies and stopped criminals from being on campus.

Roefaro also said multiple lives have been saved due to tips and reports on the SaferWatch App and through their close partnerships with local law enforcement. When it comes to panic alerts during emergencies, average response times have been shortened and first responders have more information when arriving on scene. SaferWatch has been credited with stopping and preventing multiple school shooting threats and has saved students' lives considering suicide.

The SaferWatch App can help schools and communities prepare, prevent, and respond to emergencies in schools nationwide. Regardless of Alyssa's Law, SaferWatch encourages all schools to take advantage of these advanced life-saving tools. For more information, visit

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