New York Doctor Leads Medical Mission to Ukraine

Dr Nesheiwat and family go to Ukraine to treat sick and injured refugees

Refugee Care in Lviv

TNLG reports New York doctor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat is leading a medical mission to Ukraine with a team to provide medical care to sick and injured Ukrainians and refugees. 

Dr. Nesheiwat is a double board-certified physician and serves as Medical Director of CityMD and is a Fox News Medical Contributor. She has led medical missions around the globe, from caring for the wounded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and those injured in the Haiti earthquake to caring for those impacted by the horrendous Joplin tornado, and has worked on the front lines in the trenches of the coronavirus pandemic for the past two years in New York, where she has cared for over 20,000 COVID-related patients. She has worked with the Red Cross and is sponsored by the nonprofit Children Are Magical Foundation, "CHARM",  for her trip to Ukraine and Poland, as over 1 million refugees are children. Dr. Nesheiwat and her team have been providing basic medical needs, medicines, wound care, and treating ailments for refugees who have fled their war-torn homes.  

Dr. Nesheiwat is also a Disaster Assist Relief Team member with Samaritan's Purse (DART), serving the injured and wounded in Liviv, Ukraine.

Her team includes her brother Daniel Nesheiwat, who has joined Dr. Nesheiwat in Haiti on previous missions, Jon Paul, Agatha Zopek, Dr. Dina and Eman Adel.

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Source: TNLG The Nesheiwat Law Group