New York City's First Non Laser Tattoo Removal Facility Opens in the Bronx

TATTOO SEEN celebrates it's 30th year in the tattoo business and continues to be a leader in the tattoo industry. Since 1986, TATTOO SEEN has lead they way from the years banning tattoos to the present from graffiti art to tattooing. SEEN aka the godfather of graffitti has thrived with his art hanging in museums and high - end galleries abroad, always bringing new levels to the art world every step of the way.

TATTOO SEEN introduces TAT 2 OFF, an all natural and safe way to remove unwanted tattoos with the all natural non-laser removal system. Over sixty Skinials studios around the world have been removing tattoos since 2011, thus proving itself as the leader in non - laser tattoo removal. Unlike laser tattoo removal, Skinials all natural removal method pulls the ink out of your skin rather than absorbing it. The result is that it returns your skin to it's original color in half the time and with less pain than you would experience with laser removal. 



The official grand opening of TAT 2OFF, will be on June 25th, 2016 at 7pm located in at TATTOO SEEN 3177 East Tremont Ave BX, NY 10461. As TATTOO SEEN celebrates this new service and it's 30th anniversary, the shop's continued dedication to providing the best quality tattooing and care for all its services, employees, loyal regulars and newcomers alike, TATTOO SEEN will host a BBQ party. with artist attending from around the globe, this years party will be open to all, if you plan on attending please take NYC MTA system as parking will be limited. 


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