New Year Horoscope 2011 - Know your Compatability with Other zodiac sign

Horoscope Compatibility:-Zodiac compatibility is based on the movement of the sun in twelve zodiac signs in a year according to the western system or as per the movement of the moon as in the Vedic system. Let's analyze the factors in western astro

The twelve zodiac signs are ARIES Horoscope , TAURUS Horoscope , GEMINI Horoscope , CANCER Horoscope , LEO Horoscope , Virgo Horoscope , LIBRA Horoscope , SCORPIO Horoscope , SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, and PISCES. Zodiac signs can be divided into masculine and feminine. The six masculine signs are Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, whereas the six feminine signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, scorpio Horoscope , Capricorn and Pisces. These signs shows that how the zodiac signs typically interact with each other.

In Vedic astrology for matching Horoscope or knowing the compatibility factor between the boy and the girl following eight parameters are tested

* 1 - Varna
* 2 - Vashya
* 3 - Tara
* 4 - Yoni
* 5 - Graha-maitri
* 6 - Gana
* 7 - Bhakoot
* 8 - Nadi

The suitability is considered by adding the total points based on the above parameters. Maximum point or gunas are 36. If total matching gunas are 27 or more it is considered as best matching. Between 18 and 25 marriage can be advised

Manglik Dosha" is considered to be the major harmful factor in one's love life. Manglik boy is advised to marry the manglik girl and vise a versa to avoid the break in the relationship and in order to increase the compatibility between the partners.

Love can overcome any hurdle and perhaps that is the most important thing that plays the deciding role in the compatibility equation between two people. However, a word of advice is that there is no harm in exploring stars. Similarly lack of scientific theories does not make any unexplained phenomenon less scientific, answer is just needs to focus a little harder barring all inhibitions and assumptions to see what stars are trying to show.


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