New Weight Lifting Techniques Website Launched

Membership-Based Site Offers Information And Resources To An Increasingly Fitness-Conscious Public

Köln, Germany January 27, 2010 - It used to be that most people thought of weight lifting as something which was largely for bodybuilders, but weight training is now growing rapidly in popularity as fitness experts increasingly recommend strength training along with cardiovascular exercise to create comprehensive workout routines. Weight lifting does more than simply build muscle; according to no less of an authority on health than the Mayo Clinic, strength training helps people to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, increase strength and improve muscle tone and increase bone density to stave off conditions like osteoporosis.

"I started this weight lifting techniques website in order to provide people with the techniques, tips and information they need to incorporate weight lifting into their workout routines safely and maximize their muscle building results," said Guido Nussbaum, founder of the Weight Lifting Techniques site. "There are a lot of people taking up weight training right now and it's more important than ever before to get this kind of information out there. When you sign up for a membership at my site, you gain access to a wealth of resources on safe and effective weight lifting techniques; and right now I'm offering new members a free e-book which lays out twelve weight lifting secrets which help to build maximum muscle."

While lifting weights does provide a variety of health benefits, there are also risks associated with strength training. Without the use of sound weight lifting techniques, severe injury can result. With a growing number of people taking up weight lifting who have never done any sort of strength training before, it's more important than ever for the public to be aware of how to maximize their results while minimizing the risk of injury. The website Weight Lifting Techniques ( was launched today to address the need for accurate information on how to lift weights safely while getting the best effects from strength training.

Weight lifting is a valuable addition to any workout routines, offering significant benefits for the health of those who make it a part of their fitness regimen as well as being an effective means of building and toning muscle. With the advantages of weight lifting becoming widely known among the general public, resources like Nussbaum's weight lifting techniques site are certain to be received with great enthusiasm by the fitness minded; and according to Nussbaum, the response to the site has been strong and growing at a rapid pace.

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