New Website Launches for Sex Addicts Seeking Help seeks to help those suffering from intimacy disorders, including sex and porn addiction, find the specialized help they need.

It's no secret that you can get anything you want on the internet, but a new website will help those suffering from porn addiction find more than they're usually looking for. A new website will feature branded content in addition to a directory of local qualified therapists to help individuals and couples in need of therapy for sex addiction and intimacy disorders. will utilize their own screening process to ensure that only qualified sex addiction and intimacy disorder therapists will be featured on the new website. With a specific focus on the San Diego area, and a projected growth to Southern California and beyond, soon web searchers will be able to find local intimacy therapists by utilizing search terms targeted by

While current directories exist for therapists and counselors, too often users find themselves stuck with counselors who treat sex addiction as a simple compulsion disorder. Research from the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and other organizations has consistently shown that pornography and sex addiction cause specific brain chemistry changes that can only be treated by therapists with specialized knowledge of these problems.

"As the awareness of what's been termed the 'Sex Addiction Epidemic' has grown, we've noticed that more marriage and family therapists and other mental health professionals have started to promote themselves as sex addiction specialists," states spokesman Chris Robinson. "With this new website, we hope to build a resource for locals to draw on to get the best qualified therapists to help with these complex issues as soon as possible."

Local therapists can visit now to sign up for free a listing as well as premium advertising opportunities. The current directory features select Certified Sex Addiction Therapists in La Jolla, Kearny Mesa, and the greater San Diego area.


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