New Website/Blog - Plotting the End of Evolution

The Plotting website publishes Answers to hard questions about Evolution and Creation in social media on Yahoo Answers, but draws attention to the bankruptcy of atheism, compared to what we see in reality, geology and cosmology and in history, and the Bible revealing historical evidence of Creation and Noah's Flood, verifiable truth in evidence for all to see, not just opinion.

Evolution vs. Creation

Everyone has an opinion. But how many facts are there compared to what we actually see? The evidence is in the assumptions. It is difficult to prove something scientifically or philosophically, one needs a fact or evidence in support of the integrity of the claim/right/opinion.

Any claim or right or promise carries with it a responsibility, a duty to provide support or evidence for that claim or right. But the atheist/evolutionist has no such duty (by materialism). Wait, how does that work again? It doesn't, continual dead end and failure; proven over and over.

But the atheist evolutionist cannot even say the name of “Noah”, knows nothing at all about origins, evolution has no beginning, fallacy in assumption without support; unfounded opinion taught as fact, to be treated as a lie.

Why are our public schools graduating atheists? Intentional error in our lives is irrational, illogical and problematic, evolution is problematic, and it is a growing virus of lies, authenticating itself by the fallacy of appeal to authority, and replicating, free thinkers w/o a conscience; chaos into madness.

David has come to stop the madness of atheism and evolution, and slay the Goliath called Evolution with one piece of evidence at a time.