New Washington North Carolina Psychiatry Practice Opens

The opening of mental health clinic in NC is now accepting new patients

Carolina Psychiatry

A psychiatrist in Washington, NC has started a new mental health practice that is now open and extending the best psychiatric care to the patient population of eastern North Carolina. The practice is called Carolina Psychiatry and more information can be found online at The private psychiatrists in the area of Washington, North Carolina are accepting new patients today via online psychiatry appointment bookings. The vast majority of new patients that book an appointment to establish care, can be seen within 2 weeks. The mental health field as a whole understands the importance of offering a top-notch psychiatric evaluation, followed by appropriate psychiatric medications, in addition to follow-up care.

One of the practice's psychiatrists was interviewed and stated, "Overall, is a psychiatry practice staffed by some of the best psychiatrists in the area that offer patients a customized treatment plan and modern approach to treating various types of mental illness."

The answer to the question, "is there a private psychiatrist nearby that doesn't have an extended waiting period until a psychiatric appointment can be made" is now yes. Carolina Psychiatry offers 1-on-1, physician/M.D. based care with telepsychiatry options available for follow-up. Carolina Psychiatry is the newest Washington, NC Psychiatry practice in town, and they won't be accepting new patients forever, so book your appointment today. For more information please visit

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