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Creating new dimensions in providing the best care for women, from pre-adolescent years to post-menstrual years, Southern Utah Women's Health Center is updated with latest technologies, ideas, researches and equipment.

From management of pregnancy and childbirth to pubertal, menstrual and post menstrual problems, the well-trained personnel here is equipped to meet the healthcare needs of women. They offer medical check-up to reinforcing good habits like regular breast exams and PAP smears as well as family planning and cancer screening, and are indeed the best pregnancy and women infertility clinic at St. George, Utah. Delivering a wide range of treatments to manage anything and everything concerned with female health and fitness, Southern Utah Women’s Health Center encompasses diagnosis and treatment of both normal and abnormal processes of the female reproductive systems.

An exceptional array of professional services are provided here. Primary and preventative care which includes annual physical examination, diagnostic in-office ultra sound, menopause diagnosis and treatment, infertility diagnosis and treatment, contraception counselling and treatment, Endometriosis diagnostics and utilization of medical and surgical treatment as well as mammography referral. The gynecological surgery procedures offered here are Cryoablation therapy, laparoscopic assisted and vaginal hysterectomy, minimally invasive surgery, repair of pelvic relaxation, treatment of urinary stress incontinence including vaginal sling procedure, treatment of bleeding, pain or other pelvic disorders, surgical treatment of cancers of the female reproductive organs, diagnostic laparoscopy for the evaluation pelvic pain and infertility, laparoscopic tubal ligation for family planning, and endometrial ablation. In-office procedures offered here are Colposcopy with cervical biopsy for evaluation of abnormal pap smears, LEEP procedures, cervical Cryotherapy, and endometrial biopsy for diagnosis of abnormal bleeding, vulvar biopsy, diagnostic and operative hysterectomy, Her Option Endometrial ablation and Cystometrics. Southern Utah Women’s Health Center offers the best pre-natal care and delivery features replete with in-office pregnancy testing, routine prenatal care and delivery, high-risk obstetric care and delivery, ultrasounds and Cesarean section.

Guaranteeing compassion and excellence in women’s health care, they have ultrasound accreditation and pre-natal ultrasound facilities. For the special time of pregnancy, they offer information of childbirth planning, high-risk pregnancy care, multiple births, breastfeeding support, Ectopic pregnancy, Cesarean section, delivery, early pregnancy loss, postpartum care, prenatal/maternity care and pre-pregnancy counseling. Southern Utah Women’s Health Center is dedicated to ensure the best care in every aspect. For the health of females they provide special pre-natal counselling and exams, annual pelvic exams, STD screening and treatment, HPV screening & vaccination and breast health examinations. When concerns arise, they offer complete care and solutions for treatment of incontinence, treatment of menstrual irregularities like heavy bleeding, in-office surgery and treatment of gynecological conditions.

Southern Utah Women’s Health Center is just a phone call away and can be contacted at 435-628-1662 or through their portal after filling a few details. This division of Valley Obstetrics and Gynecology helps manage the female life with effortless ease.

Southern Utah Women's Health Center, P.C

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