New User Interface for PresentAll unveiled

PresentAll has a new user interface that allows you to customize meeting rooms and schedule webinars and video conferences.

Online video conferencing and webinars are used daily in many businesses today. Ease of use and the ability to easily schedule meetings is becoming more and more of a necessity. Online video conferences and webinars allow businesses to maintain contact to virtually anyone at anytime.

Convenience is what this market is all about. It is convenient to meet online instead of driving or flying for hours. It is convenient to hold sales meetings in one location and allow all employees to view the presentation remotely. Convenience is an enormous factor when choosing a webinar or video conferencing service. PresentAll is an online video conferencing service that gives clients the convenience of online video conferencing without the hassle of setting up individual meetings.

The newly enhanced user interface allows you to schedule meetings and post the meeting schedule on your individual website. This allows attendees of your meeting to go to the same location for each meeting and even view the schedule ahead of time. PresentAll is making video conferencing more convenient and easier to use.

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