New Use Energy Launches NUEPower™ Brand of High-Performance Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries

Enhanced Performance and Reliability in Even the Most Demanding Environments


New Use Energy is proud to unveil NUEPower™, its latest brand specializing in high-performance lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Designed to cater to a wide range of sectors including residential, industrial, and commercial applications, NUEPower™ sets a new standard for energy storage solutions.

NUEPower™ introduces an array of categories tailored to meet specific energy needs across various applications. From solar energy storage to telecommunications and from off-grid remote living to electric transportation, NUEPower™ offers innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions. This brand is dedicated to enhancing performance and reliability in even the most demanding environments.

"In launching NUEPower™, our focus is to bring first-tier quality components to industrial and commercial users at attractive prices," states Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy. "This brand reflects our dedication to innovation and ruggedization designed to deliver superior energy solutions in harsh operating environments and to allow users an easy upgrade from tired, old, lead-acid batteries. Some of our batteries have been tested to operate down to -40C and up to 55C; others are designed for the beating that golf carts take."

With the introduction of NUEPower™, New Use Energy reaffirms its commitment to advancing LiFEPO4 energy storage technology. The company's focus remains on providing solutions that are not just eco-friendly but also unparalleled in terms of performance and sustainability.

Experience the next level of energy storage with NUEPower™. Explore our range of solutions designed for your specific needs by visiting our website.

About New Use Energy

Leading in the development and distribution of ruggedized mobile solar generator systems, New Use Energy specializes in delivering clean, renewable power for tough commercial and industrial applications. Our focus is on performance and durability, ensuring reliable power wherever it's needed most.

Source: New Use Energy