New Use Energy and King Kong Trailers Join Forces to Pave the Way for Sustainable Power Solutions in Film and TV Production

Exclusive partnership brings innovative, battery-based energy solutions to major California counties, setting a new standard for eco-friendly and efficient power on set.

SunCase™ 3651

New Use Energy (NUE), a frontrunner in battery-based power solutions, proudly announces its exclusive partnership with KING KONG PRODUCTION Vehicles Inc. (King Kong) and #setlife Inc., (#setlife) esteemed providers of transportation, trailers, power and rental services in the Film and TV industry. This landmark collaboration heralds a groundbreaking era of eco-friendly, quiet, and user-friendly power solutions on set, setting a new standard for sustainability and innovation.

Renowned for their forward-thinking approach, King Kong and #setlife are embracing a shift towards battery-based solutions, underscoring a commitment to shaping the future of energy use in film and TV production. Serving as the exclusive partners for NUE in Southern California while extending their reach nationally, they will offer a comprehensive range of NUE's products, providing trials, full rentals, and purchases to meet diverse production needs.

NUE's state-of-the-art products, such as the professional-grade HD SunCase 3651, the Cine BBG, and the SunCanopy, are tailor-made for the rigors of production environments. Offering unparalleled efficiency, these solutions deliver optimal watt-hours per dollar and watt-hours per pound in the market within a rugged, easily deployable mobile case. Their portability and robust power capacity make them indispensable for on-set use, empowering productions to fulfill any energy requirements effortlessly and expanding creative possibilities for directors seeking unique lighting setups in remote or challenging locations.

David Rovsek, President of King Kong, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the transformative impact it will have on the production landscape. "We're thrilled to collaborate with New Use Energy, introducing their innovative battery solutions to our clientele. This partnership enables us to offer sustainable and inventive power options for any production scenario, at scale."

Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy, echoed Rovsek's sentiments, describing the partnership as a significant milestone. "Teaming up with King Kong and #setlife represents a pivotal moment for us. It underscores our shared vision of embracing solar and battery-based power solutions in the Film and TV industry. Having played a crucial role in powering critical applications in challenging environments, we are excited to see our products in action on sets, contributing to the industry's sustainable and creative evolution."

This partnership is poised to unlock new opportunities for both entities and the broader film and TV production industry by providing access to highly portable, reliable, and efficient power solutions. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability, New Use Energy, King Kong and #setlife are primed to lead the charge in reshaping energy usage in entertainment production.

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Source: New Use Energy