New Unique and Thoughtful Gifts Website Launching September 20, 2016

New website featuring unique and meaningful gifts launching September 20, 2016. The website features special gifts that have a sentimental value or that include thoughtful messages. The website will also help customers with free gift wrap and free shipping for orders over $100.

Unique Gifts For Friends

Just in time for the December holiday season, a new e-commerce site will launch to give gift givers an easy place to find special presents.  After trying to find a gift for a sick friend and not being satisfied with the choices available, Miriam Deckert, a retail and marketing professional decided to start her own on-line gift business focusing on unique and meaningful gifts.

 “I think people want to give special presents but sometimes they just don’t have the time to search for them and end up with gift cards and candles. When people choose something that has a deeper or symbolic meaning, they know their friends or family will treasure the gift," says Deckert. ”People also like to express their affection with gifts because they may not be nearby to show the person how much they care.”   

When people choose a gift that has a deeper or symbolic meaning, they know their friends or family will treasure the gift.

Miriam Deckert, Founder

The website features items that are unique, offer an inspirational message, have a sentimental value or have a practical function.  Highlights from the gift collection include:

  • Beach inspired, Dune Jewelry which is unique because the bracelets, necklaces and earrings have high quality charms filled with beach sand.  The jewelry can be custom ordered to be made with sand from locations around the world that holds special meaning to the recipients.
  • Wearable blessing bracelets by My Saint My Hero. The variety of bracelets serve as thoughtful gifts with each one including a blessing and serves as a constant reminder of faith and inspiration to live life doing good in the world. 
  • Phone charging purses by ChicBuds that are not only stylish handbags to give friends but they also keep their cell phones charged so they are able to stay connected 
  • Small house gifts, glass hearts and mosaic crosses that include thoughtful messages for specific family members or friends and  are created by Cynthia Webb and The Grandparent Gift Company

The website also offers free gift wrapping and free shipping on orders over $100.  Deckert plans on expanding the business to include more personalized items and care packages.

Source: Unique Gifts For Friends

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