New U Hair™ Unveils Revolutionary TrichoBioScan™: Experts Calling It Key to Unlocking One’s Unique Hair Loss Mysteries

A Scientific Personalized Approach Poised to Revolutionize How People Combat Hair Loss

New U Hair

New U Hair™, a national leading pioneer in preventative healthcare solutions since 2007, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking TrichoBioScan™. This state-of-the art diagnostic tool is set to redefine the approach to combatting hair loss at its root cause, offering individuals a chance to understand the underlying causes of their own hair loss conditions without the trial-and-error prescribing of ineffective treatments.

New U Hair’s™ latest and most advanced test includes three parts, a microscopic evaluation, a clinical blood test, and an advanced genetic test that was developed by the founder and creator of Pharmazam™, the world's first real-time personalized medication management system based on a person's unique genetic makeup or DNA.

The TrichoBioScan™ is a microscopic hair bulb test that examines one's scalp and any related infections, including over-processed hair, product buildup or bugs that can all contribute to hair loss over time. Along with its clinical blood test, individuals can better identify underlying health issues tied to hair loss like hormonal imbalances or autoimmune issues, especially those found in females. If required, an advanced genetic test checks to see if there are any hereditary issues or if any medications are linked to the underlying cause of hair loss.

Jessica Wilson, Chief Communications Officer at New U Hair™, emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual's hair loss journey. "We offer breakthrough, custom-tailored solutions which leverage our scientific technologies and holistic hair-care formulas, managed by AI algorithms that help us better target the root cause of one’s hair loss.”

Proprietary innovative solutions like the company's TrichoBioScan™, a revolutionary test that is already trailblazing the multibillion-dollar hair loss industry projection for 2030*.

Dr. Paul Rose, a board-certified dermatologist and Medical Director for New U Hair™, cautions against over-the-counter novelties and quick fixes. "Today's market is flooded with products making grandiose claims with little to no scientific backing. We know real hair loss solutions stem from understanding the root cause, which is precisely what the TrichoBioScan™ aims to ascertain."

Hair restoration expert Dr. Larry Perich advises, "Before wasting money on treatments that ultimately don’t work, consider a more definitive solution approach like the TrichoBioScan™. Exclusive biotechnologies coupled with our all-natural, high-quality hair care product line is the first real step towards addressing one's hair loss issues effectively for years to come."

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Founded in 2007, New U Hair™ is a non-diagnostic preventative healthcare company that leads the hair loss and restoration industry using its advanced technical testing, all-natural hair care products, and when necessary surgical solutions. New U Hair™ Early-Stage Shampoo, New U Hair™ Early-Stage Conditioner, and the TrichoBioScan™ are registered trademarks of New U Hair™, LLC ©2007-2024

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Founded in 2007, New U Hair is at the forefront of the hair loss and restoration industry, offering advanced diagnostic tests, premium all-natural products and if needed, surgical solutions custom tailored to an individual's unique hair loss needs.

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