New TV Network Tackles Parental Alienation

Ryan Thomas, a victim of parental alienation, launched a TV Network last week to nurture the community of parents, children and families who are alienated from their children. aims to help viewers break through feelings of victimization and replace those emotions with actions for empowerment. “I wanted to create an entire network dedicated to providing real-life solutions and hope so that individuals, parents, and families can create true transformations in their life.” – Thomas said.​

"I wanted to create an entire network dedicated to providing real-life solutions and hope so that individuals, parents, and families can create true transformations in their life."
Ryan Thomas features shows on overcoming adversity, improving communication, parental alienation, creating breakthroughs, reuniting advice, divorce aftermath, interviews with experts and more. The goal is to provide behind-the-scenes information not available anywhere else from Ryan’s unique and personal experience.

"I am so grateful to you for helping me understand and try different ways to reconnect. I’ve read many books on PA and I think your program is the best source of information and tools I have found. I will always be grateful to you. You are changing my family tree for the better!!” Alienated Father, Josh said.

By offering free access, Thomas hopes that his network not only nurtures the community of families affected by parental alienation but also impacts those who are unaware of this issue. “Parental alienation is not just about the parents who are suffering. Its damaging emotional abuse cripples our children. Alienation hides in plain sight pretending to be love, which is why parents and professionals must know how to recognize it and stop it.” Thomas said.

Visit or for videos, free-trainings, and more.​

About Ryan Thomas
Ryan was raised to believe his Dad never truly cared for him and that story was re-enforced and manufactured every moment of his life. With his perception and love for his dad constantly tainted, the stress become so unbearable that he severed the relationship as a young teenager.  In his late 20’s, Ryan reconnected with his dad and slowly built a new “friendship.” He found the most kind, loving man, and the best relationship of his life.

Ryan is the author of several books including; Sabotaged: 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation and The Alienated Mind: Why Parental Alienation is So Powerful Through the Eyes of a Child. He is also the creator of “The Reconnect Formula,” a 5-week online video training program. Ryan also offers workshops, video series, and group coaching calls to give practical, real-life strategies to create breakthroughs. Ryan is leading a movement for the #RightToReunite children and their families, and to transform alienated parents into accepted parents.

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Ryan Thomas was a victim of parental alienation and after 35 years, he is speaking out about his experiences in order to help parents and families cope, survive and reconnect with their loved ones.

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