New Trailblazing Studio Ultraísmo Aims to Revolutionize Hispanic Entertainment

The visionary studio is developing strategic partnerships with leading consumer brands to create high-value entertainment that celebrates Hispanic culture

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Ultraísmo today announces its official launch with a new feature film documentary: "Cine de Oro: The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema." The film will explore a period in the history of the cinema of Mexico known as the golden age, during which Mexico's film industry emerged as one of the most productive and thriving outside Hollywood, attracting talent from Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada and Eastern Europe while exercising a decisive influence on the construction of national culture and identity in Mexico and Latin America on the world stage.

Ultraísmo is taking a unique approach to funding and producing high-quality entertainment media. By partnering with consumer brands as sponsors, the studio can bring important stories and perspectives to the screen while providing value to its corporate partners. Through this model, the new studio will create content that is both artistically and commercially successful, ensuring that culturally relevant perspectives have a prominent place in mainstream entertainment while challenging the standards of Hollywood, creating a new media landscape, and paving new paths for Hispanic talent.

"Ultraísmo is more than just a studio — it's a movement. We believe art and media can shape culture and influence how we see ourselves and the world. We are committed to using this platform to elevate our culture and tell stories that reflect our heritage properly," said filmmaker and founder Albert Sandoval. "We will contribute to the cultural exchanges in entertainment media and connect global audiences to authentic themes, characters and stories through high-value entertainment." Sandoval added, "Mexican cinema remains an integral part of our heritage as it continues defining culture and identity for modern Hispanic audiences. Our first film is a celebration of our dynasty in cinema, music and the arts in a new renaissance of Mexican talent which is breaking down geographic, social, economic and political barriers to contribute some of the most iconic cinematic work in Hollywood history."

"Cine de Oro: The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema" will explore the untold stories of the rise of an artistic movement that spoke directly to the people in a time when it was needed most, from the artists of the 1920s to the height of the golden age that began in the early 1930s through the late 1950s, as they defined their shared values through speculative mythology, answering what it meant to be Mexican in the wake of the Mexican Revolution and the Great Depression, creating works that would put Mexican culture on the world stage and inspire generations of artists and creators from every corner of the globe. Production has begun and the film is expected to be released in September 2024, marking three notable events: the 78th anniversary of the first Festival de Cannes, along with the first film to win the "Grand Prix" (now known as the Palme d'Or) — the acclaimed Mexican film "María Candelaria"; celebration of Mexican Independence Day; and the launch of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Ultraísmo is a collective, curator, and studio that collaborates with creators, brands, cultural institutions, and media platforms to influence the exploration of Hispanic culture, arts, heritage, and identity through all forms of contemporary media.


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