New Tool From SHURATAK Makes All Competitors Obsolete

With a new, patented "SHURATAK" tool attachment, all existing 'old technology' power drill / impact drivers are now up to 50% more productive and safer to operate. This is the first NON-MAGNETIC, high-torque, IRT (Impact-Resistant-Technology) tool that allows the construction worker to operate one-handed, while balancing with the other, during construction drilling and fastening operations.

The SHUR-A-TAK impact driver attachment is a precision tool that can save you time and money.

Ohio-based manufacturer "SHURATAK Technologies, LLC," announces its breakthrough, 3-patented compact 2.5 oz. non-magnetic, high-IRT (Impact Resistant Technology) combined together in one power drill / impact driver attachment. It outlasts and outperforms all other such attachments on the global market today.

Due to its uniquely firm screw holding/grasping capability, this tool is able to make the claim that with its precise one-handed capable operation it is far safer to operate, with less falling and far fewer hand and finger injuries. It provides up to 50% more effective/productive job time performance with less overall job downtime than other conventional 'old technology' attachments. Its unique design also provides self-cleaning along with its first-ever non-magnetic, high debris-resistant aspect. It comes with a built-in screw extractor and automatic, precise depth setting ability. It is now in high demand by professional builders worldwide.

"Let's you correct mistakes fast and stops the usual injuries. One-hand operation and really precise." J.L.

Walter H. Nagel, Co-founder, Partner


  • 100% Made in the USA
  • U.S. Veteran-Made and Owned
  • Made by a carpenter, for carpenters
  • Highly economical; at $49.50 MSRP, it pays for itself in 1-2 days
  • Free shipping on orders of two or more 

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Walter H. Nagel
Co-founder, Partner, SHURATAK 

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