New Tool From Loveland Innovations Provides Instant Measurements Without a Drone

New Speed Squares Tool Lets Roofers Produce Preliminary Bids in Seconds

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Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced data analytics solutions and inspection tools and services, today announced its release of an instant roof measurement tool called Speed Squares.

With this new tool, roofers and restoration pros now have an easy way to get measurements without a drone, well before they visit a job site.

Speed Squares is included in the latest release of Loveland Innovations’ inspection platform, IMGING®, which uses automated drones for data capture, and advanced artificial intelligence for automated damage detection.

“IMGING entered the market as a drone solution, but it’s much more. It’s a platform that allows roof estimators to do every part of their jobs better,” says Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations. “Sometimes estimators need quick measurements to see if a job is worth the time. Whether you’re on-site or not, our new Speed Squares tool lets you get the total squares of a roof instantly, and it’s been 95 percent accurate in recent tests.”

According to Loveland, the Speed Squares tool is great for preliminary bids, but a drone-based IMGING scan can provide roofing estimators with more thorough information for generating a final bid. “If you decide you need more than just quick measurements, a full IMGING scan will provide you with detailed roof imagery, facet-specific measurements, slopes, pitches, 3D models, and automated damage detection so you can write a thorough bid in the same app,” he says.

Speed Squares is currently in beta and is free to current IMGING users. IMGING is available as a complete software and hardware solution (The IMGING Inspection Kit) or as an app that runs on an Apple® iPad or iPhone. IMGING is compatible with the DJI® Phantom 4 Pro, which users can source themselves, or purchase as part of the IMGING Inspection Kit.

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Loveland Innovations is a team of makers, mavericks, and maniacs building leaner, meaner ways to turn property data into clarity and action. No corporate nonsense, just-get-it-done attitude. They make it easy for anyone to digitize a structure, then explore, measure, and analyze it with artificial intelligence. 

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About Loveland Innovations

Loveland Innovations is the maker of IMGING, the leading platform for property inspections and analytics. With IMGING, inspection professionals use smartphones and automated drones to digitize a property or structure and analyze it with the help of deep learning and computer vision, giving them the clarity to act quickly and confidently.

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