New Tinder Alternative Offers Free Anonymous Calling for Singles!

Flow is a new free voice dating app that is available in the Google Play store that provides free anonymous calling for singles. The Flow dating app also bridges the gap between online dating and the real world in a way that is not seen elsewhere. Singles can call their matches with the same anonymity that has made chatting popular and meet people online or offline.

When Tinder and Whatsapp are combined together a powerful new voice dating app called Flow is created. Flow is a free dating app that breaks down the communication barriers and provides singles with the freedom to meet people anywhere online or offline and avoid missed connections.

The Flow dating app incorporates VOIP technology to provide singles with an opportunity to make free anonymous calls to their matches and talk with the people they are interested in without having to expose their telephone number. The app creates a peer to peer connection using the internet to connect both people together. Now singles can hear the voice of the person they have matched with and communicate with the same anonymity that has made chatting popular.

The Flow dating app provides singles with total control over how they want to communicate with their matches. They can make calls, leave voice messages, and chat. Singles now have a better way to communicate with the people they just met.

The Flow app introduces a new type of dating coined "voice dating" to singles that are tired of receiving impersonal chat messages and emails. The dating app gives them an opportunity to make calls and hear the voice messages of the people that are of interest.  The fact that all calls are anonymous means that singles can feel comfortable calling the new people they met knowing that their personal information is hidden and not used to make the calls. Singles can also increase their chances of receiving a reply by sending a text message before a match is made and leaving a voice message over a chat or email message.

Flow is changing the way singles communicate and bridges the gap between the online and offline dating worlds. Singles can add people they met in the real world using Flow’s add match feature and talk or chat with them anonymously through the app. Singles can also add people they met while travelling and talk with them with no long distance fees as the app uses a free VOIP connection to complete the calls.

Flow is available for free in the Google Play store. Learn more about the Flow voice dating app by visiting its website at