Lab Test Results Show That New Air Reactor Technology Destroys Coronavirus

Hi Tech Air Solutions, a leading provider of indoor air purifying technology, is pleased to announce that lab test results show that new air reactor technology destroyed 90% of the coronavirus (surface mount). In a recent independent lab test, conducted by Microchem Laboratory, results showed that the air reactor technology destroyed 90% of the coronavirus in a petri dish in just one hour. The air reactor treats all viruses the same.

In today’s world, the coronavirus has totally altered the way we conduct our day-to-day lives and continues to be an influence. This technology can help the country return to some degree of normality by helping to create a safe haven within homes and places of meeting by yielding over 99% pure air. This technology also destroys mold, bacteria, pet dander, other viruses, and many more contaminants that are in the air we breathe. 

We need to take positive steps that will assist the country in opening back up, provide citizens with a higher degree of confidence, and create a safe haven inside homes and places of meeting. The Hi Tech Air Solutions air reactor was used for this test. To review the lab test report, purchase an air reactor, and get more information, go to

Source: Hi Tech Air Solutions


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