New Sunshine Coast IVF Clinic Open In Buderim

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast announces the opening and success rates of its new fertility clinic.

Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast has opened an all new built-to-suit IVF clinic in the Queensland city of Buderim, it was announced today.

The new clinic recently achieved accreditation from Global-Mark, one of Australia's leading conformity assessment bodies.

"Global-Mark's technical expert and auditor toured the facility in April and were extremely impressed," says clinic director Denise Donati.

As for its IVF success rates, the new clinic is performing at above average rates.

"We've achieved a 19% success rate per month on intra uterine insemination (IUI) - also know as artificial insemination (AI) - since opening the clinic," adds Donati, "The national average is 12-14%."

Additionally, the Buderim clinic reports a 41% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer for an IVF cycle. Patients can be assured that the new clinic is operating at a high level.

It was further reported that patients will enjoy the same loving, relaxed atmosphere that Fertility Solutions creates at each of its clinics. This caring atmosphere is what sets them apart from their competitors.

"The decision to pursue IVF is a very personal decision," added Donati, "we feel that by creating an environment that is comfortable and family-like, couples will feel more at ease in discussing the questions they have about their particular situation."

Donati mentioned that their clinic guarantees a private consultation within ten working days, so that all questions can be answered.

The new clinic is located at 23 Elsa Wilson Drive, Building B, Suite 22 of the Nucleus Medical Suites. A video preview of the new clinic may be viewed at