New Subscription Based Business Breaks Down Barriers to Buying Adult Toys

Put those smart phones & iPad's away and take back your evenings! Wurkbench custom curates boxes of fun and pleasure to spice up couples love lives. Wurkbench hand selects items based on a simple profile that customers fill out. Wurkbench product bundles are up to 40% off retail.

​​​For husband and wife duo, Cody and Julie Newport, starting a subscription based adult toy business was never in their master plan. As a newlywed couple with busy lives on the road and hectic schedules at home, they always make a point to stay “connected”. The idea to develop a subscription model that custom curates adult toy boxes for its subscribers came from the notion that if the couple had more time, they’d add new items to their “box” keep it exciting every few months. But what if a box magically appeared every quarter with new products and new experiences for them to have together? Wow, what an idea! Hence, Wurkbench was born.

Why the name Wurkbench? Simply put, it’s a nickname for the bedroom and the tools that Cody and Julie used behind closed doors; an inside joke amongst friends, until now. For the business, it’s a playful service that gives subscribers a bit of discretion upon delivery, yet in a stylish box that can be used to store their new tools each quarter.

The contents of each Wurkbench box will be everything you want and nothing you don't. It's a very approachable and affordable way to for couples to explore their intimacy without having to choose between a plethora of poorly-made products.

Cody Newport, Co-Founder

Knowing that the Newport’s weren’t the only couple with busy lives, they polled several of their friends about their relationships and what they want more of. Out of 200 respondents, more than 65% needed or wanted to make more time for intimacy in their relationship. Many of the couples also shared that they are open to finding ways to keep it exciting. Wurkbench does both. A confidential profile is filled out, alone or with your partner, the products are hand selected, then shipped right to your door. The last and most important step is to make the time and enjoy the experience!

"The contents of each Wurkbench box will be everything our subscribers want and nothing they don’t,” Cody explains. “It’s a very approachable and affordable way to for couples to explore their intimacy without having to choose between a plethora of poorly-made products”, he adds.  The starting subscription of $69.99 comes with 4 or more high quality items ranging from anything from rechargeable vibes to bondage sets that have all best tested and approved by the Wurkbench team. “The added bonus to the subscription is that if customers to purchase these items individually online or otherwise, they would be spending up to 40% more,” Julie adds. The Wurkbench Box quarterly subscriptions are priced from $69.99 to $129.99 and include flat rate shipping of only $5.95. 

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