New Style Liner for SafeTraveler Scabbard

Camo SafeTraveler Scabbard

The SafeTraveler Scabbard, considered the ultimate firearm protection, has undergone new developments and now offers a new style liner customers can access on the Scabbard website. The liner has been upgraded to a prelaminated foam to fabric material and has been designed with double stitching to have a more professional look gun owners would enjoy.

The new style liner comes after Scabbard listened to their valued customers. Over the years Scabbard has noticed that some customers put their guns into the scabbard backwards.

The direction of the mounting hardware has been changed in the new style liner which allows the customer to insert their gun either way and won’t damage the gun. The bolts have also been padded from the inside out allowing for even more protection. The two changes will make Scabbard customers happy knowing their guns are safely secure and won’t be damaged during transportation.

About the SafeTraveler Scabbard:

Years ago, Randy McCrary, who grew up an enthusiastic hunter, decided that he had seen one too many rifles fall over during transportation to or from an afternoon of hunting. Being a young father, McCrary decided he wanted to develop something to protect both his family and the heritage of guns. Thus, the SafeTraveler Scabbard was born and is now widely used by hunters and sportsmen across the United States. The SafeTraveler Scabbard is designed to accept long-gun, shotgun, or rifles. For more information, please visit

Source: Scabbard Technology LLC


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