New Study Gets to the Root of Fixing Pediatric Flatfeet

​GraMedica is pleased to announce that the research team of Dr. Philip J. Bresnahan and Dr. Mario A. Juanto have published a new study this month focused on the misinformation surrounding the treatment of a common deformity known as pediatric flatfeet.

Pediatric flatfeet are caused by the partial dislocation of the ankle bone on the heel bone.

Historically, many medical professionals have not considered this condition abnormal and have advised patients that a child with a flatfoot would outgrow this condition. Dr. Bresnahan and Dr. Juanto’s study shows that, left untreated, pediatric flatfeet persist into adulthood and are a leading cause of secondary deformities within the feet, knee, hips, and back.

The study further shows that typical treatments fail to fix the main issue; the partial dislocation of the ankle bone. Extra-Osseous Talotarsal Stabilization, or EOTTS, is proven to fix the problem at its root. This is a minimally invasive solution where a small spacer is placed into a naturally occurring space between the ankle and heel bones. The EOTTS procedure instantly, and internally, fixes the root cause of flatfeet.

“A big misconception is that flat-misaligned feet in children is normal and that they will auto-correct over time,” shared Dr. Bresnahan, the lead researcher on the study. “This study shows that this is clearly not the case, plus there is an effective way to treat it and prevent further damage.”

The study shows conclusively that there is no evidence of auto-correction of pediatric flatfeet, and that this deformity should not be ignored. EOTTS is proven to fix the problem at its root. The sooner this effective and minimally invasive surgical option is prescribed, the less damage will occur to other parts of the body, as well as one’s physical and mental health.

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