New 'Spottle' App Changes the Dating Game With 30-Second Video Chats

Spottle Lets You Meet Real People, Not Profiles, Every Thursday and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET

Tired of swiping? Try spinning the bottle! Spin Labs today announced the launch of its new dating app, Spottle. A new take on the classic Spin the Bottle party game, Spottle lets you meet people in real time with a 30-second video chat instead of the old and tired swiping model.

Spottle is a live game that takes place every Thursday and Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET. To play, users give the bottle their best spin, and when it stops, they’ll enter into a 30-second video chat with their potential match. If they're feeling the love, they can give their date a virtual “kiss” and see if they return the affection. If they do, it's a match! With that mutual kiss, users can then send messages, view profiles, and continue video chatting inside the app.

“Everyone is super busy with their careers, friends, and family, which makes it difficult to meet new people. We wanted meeting people to be as easy and fast as possible,” said CEO and co-founder Max Rosenberg. “Now, instead of spending an hour and $30 making a first impression, you can do it from your sofa for free in 30 seconds.”

Spottle helps daters break the ice with fun questions covering topics ranging from pineapple on pizza to Game of Thrones and Donald Trump. Users can also up their spin game with bonus features including Flick, Freeze, and Direct Hit. To prevent unwanted “junk” from interrupting your date, Spottle uses a “no face, no date” policy, where if no face is detected, the video chat is blurred out.

“Spottle is for people who value efficiency. No more weeks of texting. No more catfishing,” added Rosenberg. “With Spottle, you can meet your date before the date. Safety is our top priority and users will have fewer surprises and better dates.”

Spottle is now available for iOS nationwide. The first game kicks off this Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET. To be among the first to play, download Spottle on the App Store here:

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Meet people, not profiles. Spottle is a first-of-its-kind live video dating app, now available on the App Store. Find your match while playing one of the most iconic games in history! For more information visit

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