New Software Site for Intel RealSense 3D Camera

MagicCamera3D, a new webcam software to enable Intel RealSense 3D Camera., the developer of the famous, popular webcam software Magic Camera has released a new version of its webcam effects software.

"We wanted to be ahead of competitors," said by Josh, CTO of He adds, “So we work closely with Intel to support its new, revolutionary camera technology, RealSense 3D Camera.”

The company also launches a new website for the new 3D version,

According to ShiningMorning, many webcam effects are Reinvented or highly Improved with the new 3D Camera technology.

By supporting Intel new revolutionary camera technology, Magic Camera 3D can automatically extract users from webcam video. This feature (called 3D segmentation) is now used to change user's webcam background. This is one of the most important usage of MagicCamera 3D. "Users can pretend to be in office, space, beach easily and perfectly", said by Josh, “You will have an amazed user experience. In one click, your image will be extracted automatically and be fitted into another completely different environment.”

 Watch the next generation webcam technology!


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